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Language Learning Tools

Using these learning tools

The purpose of this tool is to learn how to communicate verbally using a new language in the most effective way.


Using a language is intuitive.
To get it into one’s intuition it must be learned by a lot of practice. Spaced repetition is an effective tool for this task.

understanding and speaking are somewhat different abilities.
  • You can be able to understand well without being able to express yourself.
  • Understanding is easier than expressing yourself.

  • Using technology for self-studying language has its limitations, mainly trying to judge whether you understand a sentence or express yourself correctly cannot be achieved with the current technology hence the student has to be given the tools to judge those things by himself.

    This site is originally created independent of the language learned. It is initiated with sentences of specific language to assist start using it. Eventually, in the advanced stages of learning, the student has to introduce new sentences to learn. These sentences are sentences the student encounter while listening to or reading articles or are difficult for the student when practicing expressing himself.